What is the minimum swimming skills required to join the various Mantas programs?  (Summer Only)

For the Mini Mantas program, swimmers are between the ages of 5-8. Swimmers must be comfortable in water and be able to listen and take directions from the coach.

For the Development program, swimmers must be under 12 years old and be able to swim at least one length (25 meters) of the pool unassisted in both freestyle and backstroke.

For the regular program, swimmers must be 12 years and older and be able to swim 100 meters (4 lengths of the pool) unassisted and without stopping in both freestyle and backstroke. If they have not swum for another swim club, they must have passed at least Swim Kids 6 from the Red Cross program.

New swimmers will be assessed prior to acceptance to the club to determine which swim group they could be placed into.

Are you accepting new swimmers?

Yes. We welcome all new swimmers in different ages and skills. All new swimmers are asked to register for an assessment session to determine their grouping. Swimmers will be assigned a spot on the swim team only if there is room in a group at their level.

Can I choose my practice time and location? Can my child swim with his/her friend?

No, because swimmers are placed into groups based on their skills and age.  In winter maintenance, you will be able to rank your preferred time slots.

During summer,  We swim out of four pools: Central Park Pool, Kensington Pool, Robert Burnaby Pool, and SFU. Each group is assigned pool time that is appropriate to their skill level and group size and may be at any one of our pool locations. Generally, we try to swim younger kids at earlier hours than older kids. All practices take place on weekday evenings, usually sometime between 5:30 and 9:00 pm.

During winter, We swim out of SFU, CG Brown Pool and Renfrew Pool.