Mantas COVID Safety Plan – Updated January 7, 2022

Current PHO Orders:

Proof of vaccination is not required for:

  • youth under the age of 21 that are participating in youth sports
  • paid employees who supervise sports

Proof of vaccination is required for:

  •  volunteers 12 and up who supervise children’s sports
  • all spectators of children’s sports, aged 12 and up


  1. Swimming is no longer exempt from the vaccine rules; all spectators entering the building must show proof of vaccination.
  2. Individual organizations may add extra protocols, and Mantas, as a renter from their facility, must obey all these individual protocols.  
  3. Both SFU and the City of Vancouver require both paid and unpaid coaches to be double vaccinated. 
  4. All pool locations will do random vaccine checks on volunteers and coaches, and all volunteers and coaches must have their vaccine passports on them at all times.


  • Masks are required at all times when inside the building, except when in the field of play (i.e. when in the pool).
  • All athletes, volunteers, coaches and spectators must follow the mask protocols, as defined by the PHO.


  • All athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators must stay home if they are sick. 
  • Any athlete, coach, volunteer or spectator who either tests positive for covid19 or has cold-like symptoms and no test results, will self-isolate for 5 days from the onset of symptoms, as per current PHO orders.  

Current Pool Specific Rules:

Renfrew Pool and Templeton Pools:

  • All paid and unpaid coaches must be doubly vaccinated.  
  • Main doors to the pool will now be locked when there are no public activities.
  • Renfrew: On weekends, the main doors will be locked starting at 5 pm onwards.
    • Mantas swimmers should enter and exit the pool through the pool’s double-doors located near the deep end.  
  • Templeton: On weekends, the doors to the facility will be locked starting at 7:30 pm.
    • Mantas swimmers should enter and exit through the main entrance.  Doors may be locked but will be unlocked just prior to practice. 
  • Swimmers and spectators must wait outside until their coach arrives.
  • Coaches will check the vaccine status of all spectators 12 and older who wish to enter, if the facility allows spectators.
  • No spectators allowed on the pool deck.
  • Spectators must wear masks at all times.  
  • Athletes must wear masks when not in the field of play (i.e. when not in the pool).  


  • If a parent with a young child or special needs child is unable to enter the facility, the coach will meet the parent and child at the doors and help the child get into the pool for their session.  The parent must wait outside for the duration of the practice.  The coach will help the child after practice and walk them back to the door to meet their parents.  Parents must be on time to pick up their child. 

SFU Pool

  • All paid and unpaid coaches must be doubly vaccinated.  
  • Spectators not allowed.
  • All volunteers on deck must show proof of vaccination (to the SFU lifeguards) upon entrance to the pool.  
  • To limit contact between different groups, Mantas swimmers must enter from the main pool doors, and exit through the changerooms.  
  • Outdoor shoes must be removed prior to walking on the pool deck.
  • Masks required at all times when not on the field of play (in the pool).
  • Swimmers must not touch any of the equipment that belongs to the SFU varsity team – this includes medicine balls, mats, TRX and any other equipment.  This equipment sits in the northeast corner of the pool area.  

CG Brown Pool:

  • Note: No new changes to CB Brown Pool protocols. 
  • Spectators are not allowed in the building. 
  • Mantas swimmers will enter via the rear doors that enter directly onto the pool deck.
  • Outdoor shoes must be removed prior to walking on the pool deck.
  • Masks required at all times when not on in the field of play (in the pool). 
  • CG Brown staff may complete temporary vaccine checks on adult volunteers / spectators.  Proof of vaccination is required at all times in case of random checks. 

Important Notice:

Uncooperative, inappropriate or abusive parents or spectators will not be tolerated. The vaccine checkers are volunteers representing the Mantas Swim Club and will have final say on who may enter and/or remain in the pool or spectator area. There will be zero tolerance related to inappropriate behaviour or abuse towards vaccine checkers, volunteer coaches, or coaches,  and an offence will result in:

  • First offence:
    • Swimmer(s) of that family will not be allowed to attend that practice
  • Second offence:
    • Swimmer(s) of that family will be removed from the club

Note: uncooperative, inappropriate or abusive behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arguing or belligerence
  • Refusing to show valid vaccination documentation 
  • Attempting to provide inauthentic vaccine documentation 
  • Attempting to enter the pool area without permission
  • Use of profane or threatening language
  • Physical aggression or intimidation