Burnaby Mountain Mantas Swim Club

Burnaby Mountain Mantas is a community-based summer swim club located in Burnaby, BC. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and encouraging competitive environment, allowing swimmers to achieve their goals through tailored development and quality coaching. We have become a consistent top 5 summer swim club in BC and the best swim club in our region. A big reason for our success is due to our parent volunteers who routinely volunteer more than what is mandatory at our club events and swim meets  Our swimmers rank among the top summer swimmers in BC.  


Our competitive group swimmers range from the very young to age 18.  The requirement to join our main competitive group is to be able to swim a minimum of 50 meters unassisted.  New swimmers will be assessed to determine their swimming ability, and placed into a group of swimmers of similar speed and ability.

Our Mini Mantas Group is for our very young swimmers who can only swim about 25 meters unassisted.  The Mini Mantas swim 3 times a week for the months of June and July.  The mini mantas program is great for those young kids that love swimming but are just a bit too young to join the competitive team.  Minimum requirement to join the mini mantas is to be able to comfortably place face underwater, and to be able to listen to directions.