Our Club

The Burnaby Mountain Mantas (BMM) Swim Club was founded in 1986 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers passionate about youth competitive summer swimming. BMM is a non-profit organization and is managed by volunteer parents and family members.

BMM prides itself on creating an inclusive and encouraging competitive environment, allowing swimmers to achieve their goals through tailored development and quality coaching. Attendance at swim meets is not compulsory, but highly recommended. Swim meets are a great way to motivate swimmers, gauge progress, and cultivate friendships.

Summer swimming begins May 1st and finishes with the Provincial Championships in August. Swim meets are almost every weekend in June and July. While the club will be at every meet, swimmers can pick and choose which swim meets to attend; you do no need to attend every meet. Summer season culminates in the annual Regional Championships in early August followed by the BCSSA Provincial Championships in mid-August. The Mantas also offer winter stroke improvement training from October to April 30.

The Mantas are affiliated with the British Columbia Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) and its Simon Fraser Regional Office.


To develop a community of competitive swimmers motivated equally by sportsmanship and success.


BMM prides itself on creating an inclusive and encouraging competitive environment, allowing swimmers to achieve their goals through tailored development and quality coaching. BMM fosters a lifelong love of competitive swimming by promoting skill development, boosting team spirit, and rewarding success at all levels.

Executive Committee

PresidentRavi Ghanason president@burnabymantas.ca
Vice PresidentBrian Wiebe vp@burnabymantas.ca
TreasurerJeff Wong treasurer@burnabymantas.ca
RegistrarCornelia Atmadja registrar@burnabymantas.ca
SecretaryJenny Jin secretary@burnabymantas.ca
Director of CoachingClodine Sartori coaching@burnabymantas.ca
Director of CommunicationsAlbert Yap communications@burnabymantas.ca
Director of EquipmentRudy Eng equipment@burnabymantas.ca
Director of FundraisingPeggy Lui fundraising@burnabymantas.ca
Director of OfficialsCarl Kelman
Director of TrainingMichael Wu training@burnabymantas.ca
Director of VolunteersRina Wong volunteer@burnabymantas.ca
Social Director
Social Director
Jane Pan
Tina Herrera
Director at LargePlamen Marinov dal@burnabymantas.ca

Coaching Staff

Head CoachColin LaiColin.Lai@burnabymantas.ca
CoachAlicia MuiAlicia.Mui@burnabymantas.ca
CoachBrooklyn SartoriBrooklyn.Sartori@burnabymantas.ca
CoachClaire GuoClaire@burnabymantas.ca
CoachDaphne LiDaphne.Li@burnabymantas.ca
CoachEmma LiuEmma@burnabymantas.ca
CoachEvan GhanasonEvan.Ghanason@burnabymantas.ca
CoachGordon YenGordon@burnabymantas.ca
CoachJulia BodnarJulia.Bodnar@burnabymantas.ca
CoachJustin WiebeJustin@burnabymantas.ca
Coach Katrina LoKatrina.Lo@burnabymantas.ca
CoachKayla LiuKayla.Liu@burnabymantas.ca
CoachKeira WongKeira@burnabymantas.ca
CoachLauryn SartoriLauryn.Sartori@burnabymantas.ca
CoachMatthew WiebeMatthew.Wiebe@burnabymantas.ca

About Our Coaches:

Colin Lai:

Colin is one of the oldest active coaches on the roster and has been with the club for around 14 years. Through his time as a swimmer, he has been a provincial qualifier and a provincial medalist. Within the club, he has received the Sportsmanship Award, Division Aggregate Award, and the BMM Most Valuable Manta Award. In his 7 years of coaching with the club, he has coached provincial qualifiers and medalists. His proudest moment as a coach was watching his Div. 4 girls band together to qualify two provincial freestyle relay teams in 2019. Outside of coaching, Colin is working on building a business. His greatest aspiration in life is to help those around him realize their dreams. For now, Colin is focused on giving Mantas swimmers the wonderful experiences and memories he had received when he swam

Alicia Mui:

Hi everyone! I am Alicia and I have been swimming for the club for 6 years. This will be my second year coaching. I began to swim for the club when I was around 13 and was put in a group of experienced competitive swimmers. I was a late starter compared to everyone else, and it was hard for me to keep up. However, with the help of my coaches and teammates I was able to fit right in and improve drastically. I found my love for swimming here and strive to create that same environment for others. Throughout the years I have been in this club, I have competed in multiple Regional and Provincial championships and made memories that I will never forget. Hope to see you around the pool!

Claire Guo:

Hello Mantas, my name is Claire and I have been swimming with the club for nearly ten years! During my time as a Mantas, I competed and medaled in several Regional and Provincial Championships. More notably, however, I overcame a myriad of obstacles, met dozens of inspiring people, and evolved as a swimmer and person. This winter will be my second season coaching, during which I hope our swimmers will end every practice excited for the next, while still focusing on developing their swimming. I strongly believe in zooming in and refining the technique of each individual swimmer, and plan on incorporating that into my practices. Currently, I am certified in NL, WSI, and LSI and hope to soon become a lifeguard for the city. I hope you have a wonderful season!

Brooklyn Sartori:

Hi everyone! I’m Brooklyn and I have been with Mantas since I was 4 years old swimming in the Mini Mantas program, and I began my coaching journey in the winter of 2021. I competed in many Regional and Provincial Championships and countless swim meets over the years, with some of my favourite races being 200 IM, 50 Freestyle and 50 Butterfly. Mantas has always been such a constant in my life and a source of comfort, joy, and fond memories. My main goal as a coach is to pay it forward and pass on my love of swimming and the Mantas community onto my swimmers. Off the pool deck, I attend Simon Fraser University and am studying Criminal Psychology. See you around the pool!

Julia Bodnar:

Hello! I am Julia Bodnar, and I have been a coach with the Mantas for around three years.I have a great passion for swimming, and I am extremely excited to be coaching this season. A few fun facts about me; I adore music, I’m a big gamer, and baking is one of my favourite past-times, although I don’t like eating sweets. Isn’t that funny? My goal as a coach is to allow every swimmer to improve their competitive swimming abilities and be confident while creating a safe and respectful community where everyone is welcome. Of course, you can’t forget to have fun! I look forward to meeting you all at the pool!

Lauryn Sartori:

Hi everyone my name is Lauryn! I’ve been with Mantas for 14 years now and this will be my 7th year coaching. Growing up with this club has given me many amazing opportunities and lifelong friendships, my goal is to be able to pass down that legacy to the younger generation of swimmers and make Mantas their home just as it is mine. I’m currently in my 4th year at SFU studying Kinesiology, and I am excited about being able to put the knowledge I learn in the classroom to the test when working with swimmers. I also run our Mantas Volunteer Coaches Program (VoCo Program), which gives some of our senior swimmers an opportunity to get hands on experience working with various groups of kids and teaches them the in and outs of being a great coach. I look forward to working with your swimmers this year whether they are in the VoCo program or as a swimmer in my group! If you see me at the pool come say Hi!

Emma Liu:

Hello Mantas! My name is Emma and I’m one of the newer additions to the coaching staff. I coached Mini Mantas in the summer of 2022, and moving on I’m even more excited to be working with more swimmers! I’ve been in the club myself for 6 ongoing years, and I hope to contribute much more in the future. Working with swimmers, I wish to create the best, fun, and safe environment where everyone can enjoy this competitive sport!

Gordon Yen:

Hi there, I’m Gordon. I have been with the Mantas for 9 years and this will be my second season as a coach. From all the practices, meets, and events, I have made a lot of memories during my time with the club, and I want to help give others the same kind of experience that I had. I believe that enjoyment should be at the forefront of what you do, so I hope to cultivate that kind of environment for our swimmers.

Matthew Wiebe:

Matthew has been swimming with the Mantas since he was around the age of 11. He has participated and medaled in regionals and provincials. Matthew was in the Volunteer Coaching Program for three years before becoming a coach. He has had an opportunity to be exposed to different coaching methods and styles, as well as many different strategies to help swimmers improve their strokes and skills. Matthews’s philosophy when it comes to coaching is to help swimmers improve both their social and swimming skills. He hopes to help swimmers develop a passion for the sport and learn to support one another. Matthew has a strong passion for teaching and hopes to pursue a career in education. Matthew is currently studying at SFU in the Faculty of Education.

Justin Wiebe:

Hello Mantas, my name is Justin and I have been swimming with the club for nine years.  During my time with the club, I have attended countless practices, met dozens of encouraging people, and medaled in several Regional and Provincial Championships.  I am certified in First Aid, WSI, and NL, and plan to become an official lifeguard for the city in the near future.  This winter will be my second season coaching for the club and I hope that I can pass down my passion for the sport to newer swimmers.  My goal for this winter is to help swimmers improve their skills and have fun while still maintaining a competitive mindset.  See you at the pool!

Keira Wong:

Hey Mantas! I’m Keira and have been with the club for over a decade either as a swimmer, volunteer, or coach. I’ve been swimming basically all my life and love sharing my passion for the sport with the younger generations. My goal this season is to not only help swimmers improve their skills, but most importantly, make sure they’re having fun! Out of the pool, I’m a second year business student and work as a lifeguard. I enjoy running, baking, and am an amatuer crocheter. See you at the pool!

Daphne Li:

Hi Mantas! I am Daphne, one of the new additions to the coaching team. This will be my 10th year with Mantas as a competitive swimmer. Over these years I’ve made lifelong friends, with whom I have created memories with that I will remember forever! I hope to create the same tight-knit environment for swimmers so that they can form long-lasting friendships of their own. I strive to create safe practices that don’t only develop stroke and technique, but also get swimmers used to the competitive spirit of swimming. I will try my best to make sure each practice is full of memories and laughter. I hope to help everyone develop a passion for swimming, a sport that I love loads. See you around the pool!

Kayla Liu:

Hello! My name is Kayla and I’ve been swimming with the Mantas for 9 years. In those 9 years, I’ve competed and medaled in several regional and provincial championships. Swimming with this club has brought me on a truly rewarding journey. One that is full of memories that I will hold onto forever and many, many laughs. I’m so excited to be a part of your journey as a swimmer, a journey that I am still on. I believe in creating a safe and fun environment where we not only build our technique and stroke, but also develop passion for this amazing sport! See you around!

Katrina Lo:

Hi hi! I’m Katrina but you can call me Kat. I am a new coach at Mantas this year and I am loving every second of it!  I fell in love with swimming when I was 3 years old, and I started competing when I was 4 and the pool has become my second home since.  I have been in the club for over 7 years, training, competing and having a blast in and out of the pool.  I’ve participated and medaled in numerous Regionals and Provincials Championships over the last 12 years and created an abundance of unforgettable memories and life’s lessons through this fun sport.  I hope to pass on the invaluable experiences I’ve accumulated to help improve swimmers’ techniques and inspire them to develop a lifelong passion for swimming, just like I have.  When I’m not by the pool, you can usually find me in the dance studio dancing.   You can always hear me laughing before you can see me, so do not be afraid to say hello:)